We cooperate with the online shop tanie-odzywki.pl in the areas of a SEO campaign and a PPC campaign. What results did we achieve? Our cooperation has brought about a 450% increase in visibility in the Top10 ranking, a 400% increase in Top3 and the increase of the sales conversion index by 73%. Take a closer look at the success story of tanie-odzywki.pl!

Who is the Client?

Tanie odżywki is an online shop, offering a wide array of products for active people, e.g. runners, bicycle enthusiasts or people doing professional sports. It possesses various certificates from the best dietary supplement and nutrient producers. The tanie-odzywki.pl store has been recognized and awarded multiple times. In 2014 it received special recognition for achieving high consumer ratings in the Online Shop Ranking in the SPORT category, carried out by the OPINEO platform.

Time period:

In this release we publish the effects of our cooperation between April 2015 and December 2016.

Cooperation goals:

  • Increasing website traffic
  • Increasing of sales income
  • Increasing the number of transactions
  • Increasing the number of new users
  • Increasing the sales conversion index

SEO activity:

To be able to reach the goals set prior, we focused mainly on improving the content layer of the website. Before we implemented our solutions, there were short category descriptions on the website, as well as product descriptions that were not entirely compliant with SEO requirements. So the first step was the correction of these two elements while taking the following elements into account: text length, headers, key words, division into sections.

Further parts of the website were also updated step by step to expand the content, which would allow for the customers’ needs to be met even better and for the placement of even more information essential to the Client. This content was adapted to the key words chosen by the Client and to the phrases most often searched for.

The next step was to simplify the purchasing path of the user. To do that the website was expanded by an additional section in April 2016 – ‘Your goal’. It consists of main categories, e.g. ‘supplements for runners’, ‘supplements for cyclists’. Thanks to that, potential customers are able to reach the products that interest them faster and easier. Another benefit of this solution is the optimization of the website according to additional key words.

During the course of nine months, the section ‘Your goal’ generated almost 3000 additional sessions and every category inside the section generated on average 1000-1500 sessions.

The following step was the addition of the ‘Encyclopedia’ section in July 2016, where all components of the products were listed in alphabetical order. Their descriptions included, amongst others, the place of origin, location and properties of the components. Thanks to this section the number of long tail queries was increased, which would in turn allow to reach resolute clients that know what they want to buy. This part of the website also influences the simplification of the purchasing process by connecting the ingredients to specific products (after the description of a given ingredient, there is a list of products in which it is included).

We also recommended the Client to expand the website with a blog that not only would build commitment and bonds with customers, but also support sales thanks to posting external links in blog posts leading to specific categories or products. The blog was founded in November 2016 and generated over 450 sessions until the end of December, 1/3 of which were entries of organic search results.

Furthermore, in off-site activities we chose to prepare and realize an individual link building strategy, which allowed for the direction of valuable traffic to the Client’s website.

The above actions caused a significant increase in visibility in the Top10 and Top3 rankings:

Visibility connected to key words in the Top10 ranking increase by 450% and by 400% in the Top3 category.

An increase in the Landing Page number by users visiting directly from the Google search engine by 25% in the period of January until December 2016 was also an effect of the activity performed.

The increase of the Landing Page number depicted on the above graph is also an indicator of increased popularity and visibility in the web, not only on the main website, but also on particular sub-sites.

If it comes to organic traffic, in the period between December 2015 and December 2016, it increased by almost 107% which can be seen on the below screenshot.

It is also worth adding that the proposed activity resulted in the number of entries constantly growing, thanks to non-brand queries compared to brand queries. This is shown by the below graph.

PPC activity:

As the main channel of PPC activity we chose the search engine, where we focused on conducting promotional actions, concentrating on the brand, general words and the promotion of specific product and assortment categories.

In the search engine area, a big advantage over the competition was implementing extended text advertisements right after the update.

The increase in activity effectiveness was also influenced by the rearrangement of the landing page where the advertisements would lead. The goal was a better adaptation to the customers’ needs so that they could find the products they were looking for easier and faster. The channel supporting the actions described above was YouTube, in particular In-Stream advertisements. When directing them we focused mainly on users, as well as video categories, often broadly connected to physical exercises and bodybuilding. What’s important, almost half of the users would watch the video until the end with the average cost of an interaction being 2 grosze.

The Client’s opinion:

The Agency undoubtedly deserves recognition for such a high quality of the service they provide. Thanks to the activity suggested by their specialists, our website’s visibility was significantly increased in the Google search engine. The number of transactions increased by 59% and our general income went up by 40%. I would definitely recommend the PromoTraffic Agency if it comes to online campaigns

Daniel Augustyn
Managing Director