Objective(s) & budget

At the beginning of December 2015 the customer conducted modification of the page on its own which was against the basic SEO optimization recommendations from the agency (including the lack of 301s redirections from the old site to the new, no forwarding of the most important elements of SEO as the titles, meta description, headers, the lack of content for category descriptions).

Consequently, organic traffic dropped from 117 912 to 30 846 of the session which means it decreased by 74% as compared to December 2014. Moreover, declines have been noted also in:

the number of users (-75%, meaning a drop from 83 059 to 21 106)

the number of transactions (-80%, meaning a drop from 837 to 169 transactions)

the amount of incomings (-81%, meaning a drop from 406 609 to 78 179, 36 in incomings).

The main objective of the strategy therefore was to reconstruct the organic traffic after an unfavorable change of the website (the minimum to the state before the website reconstruction, i.e. minimum 117 912 sessions) which led to drastic declines. In addition, we focused our efforts on increasing visibility of the website on the highest number of non-branded keywords that could contribute to an increase in the number of transactions by 10% minimum.

Target audience & strategy

The offer of one of the largest pharmacy chains in Poland (xx) is mainly targeted at women aged 25-34 because, as the Google Analytics statistics show, their share in the total group of recipients exceeds 80%. Being a leader in pharmaceutical market Ziko Pharmacy provides its customers a wide range of products such as non-prescription medicines, nutritional supplements, dermocosmetics and products for a mother and her child, which is why the actions are carried out on a large scale.

Due to the sudden moderation of the website and the decrease in traffic the individual strategy has been prepared in order to:

– ensure the appropriate redirections for all category webpages (approx. 200) and

web products (approx. 2000-3000)

– provide the content and the most important elements of SEO to category pages, which contributed to its visibility and positions on selected keywords

– start the multi-stage expansion of the content leading to an increase in visibility of your website on as many general keywords and on exact match (long tail) and creating the company’s image as an expert in the branch (e.g. thanks to inscription guides)

– carry out gradual and regular optimization of product pages for long tail words in order to match the maximum amount of product webpages to variety of users.

Implementation & creativity      

Being focused on achieving the objectives set in the strategy we put our efforts on the following activities:

Expansion of category descriptions – implementation of 160 descriptions.

Coordination of redirections from web pages with 404 error allowing to recover the traffic from your old categories and products address.
Extension of the guide section – providing high-quality materials of a medical and cosmetic branch. Supplementing meta tags in the subpages of subcategories and products.
Optimizing over 200 product pages for keywords with exact match (long tail).

Results & evaluation

After 12 months of cooperation we managed to achieve the superior goal which was to rebuild the organic movement to the state before the unfavorable modification of December 2015. Moreover, organic traffic in December 2016 year significantly exceeded the level of December 2014. There has been an increase in organic traffic from 117 912 to 156 933 sessions, an increase of 33%. We also gained 38% of new users. Their number increased from 83 059 to 114 724, and the number of transactions also increased by 32% (from 837 to 1106) while incomings increased by 18% (from 101 652 EUR to 119 581 EUR).

On the other hand, comparing the results of 2016 with results from 2015 some clear increases can be noticed in the following areas:

–       an increase of the organic traffic by 409% (from 30 846 to 156 933 sessions)
–       an increase of the number of new users by 440%
–       man increase in the number of transactions by 554%
–       an increase in incomings by 511%