Objective(s) & budget

The goal of paid campaigns executed on many platforms like Facebook, Google AdWords, RTB networks and Criteo was to increase traffic on the website by 50% from all channels. By using various paid channels, as well as purchasing media in online services i.e. Onet, Skąpiec, Ceneo, the Plantwear brand became significantly more recognizable in the Internet. The end effect of the actions undertaken was the increase of traffic on the website in the year 2016 by 168% compared to the previous year.

The budget dedicated to these actions  was increased by 100% compared to the previous year.

Target audience & strategy

Original products of Plantwear – hand-made, wooden accessories inspired by nature and urban style – were directed to a precisely specific target group that creates their online image by imitating the lifestyle of internet celebrities. Wanting to acquire new customers rapidly, we increased the number of channels, supplying the website with traffic. We decided to use most of the channels of the BTL area available on the Polish market.

In the strategy, prepared for the biggest producer of wooden watches and glasses in the European market, we decided to focus on the automation of work by using the best tools in internet marketing in the areas of AdWords and Facebook campaigns: Optmzyr and Fasttony. Thanks to Optmzyr we saved time and thus were able to implement many changes into the account, backed by thoroughly collected data. The Fasttony tool in turn allowed us to create more complex campaigns and the activation of users thanks to live reactions.

During these 12 months we created 56 campaigns directed at 292 advertisements groups in AdWords campaigns. Selected campaigns were solely created to make use of all the possibilities the Google AdWords platform offers. They consisted of:

  • search engine campaigns
  • remarketing campaigns in the search engine (RLSA), with the goal of getting back to people who had visited the website in the past
  • campaigns in the advertisement network, contextually oriented, connected to subjects and interests of users or the behavior of potential clients
  • emailing campaigns in Gmail Sponsor Promotion based on key words retrieved from the last 300 emails

We intended to increase the percentage of views first and foremost by queries regarding fashionable watches, modern style and original design. That is why, as a supplement to the campaign, we presented the products in the form of images in a product campaign in the search engine.

Moreover, a crucial element tasked with increasing the loyalty of users was the building of advanced recipient groups based on the website traffic.

To further remind customers of the brand at every phase of the purchasing fennel, we created remarketing campaigns as well as video campaigns on YouTube, preseting the product range, shown on promotional material presenting a product that the customer was before in his shopping cart.

Regarding social media, we chose Facebook because we wanted to reach the target group called ‘millennials’ and people who value originality and an outstanding design, focused mainly around this medium.

At the beginning of our promotional activities, personas potentially interested in purchasing Plantwear’s products were built. Next, based on these constructs we created campaigns with the goal of acquiring new clients, especially those at the highest phase of the purchasing funnel.

People who already knew the brand were the intended recipients of posts created on the brand’s fan page. At this phase the Fasttony tool was also used, particularly the live reactions stream tool.

Implementation & creativity          

Guided by the goals set at the strategy creation phase, we focused mainly on the below activities:

  1.     Remarketing campaigns aimed at advanced recipient lists created on the basis of website traffic data.
  2.     Advertisements of the TrueView In-Stream type in product campaigns on YouTube.
  3.     GSP advertisements on Gmail.

The breakthrough in the activities was the promotion connected to Black Friday. It consisted of the following:

  • advertisements in graphical form in GDN directed at the biggest websites with fashion, watched and hand-made accessories
  • product remarketing with images especially created for Black Friday
  • promotion of posts on Facebook connected to Black Friday
  • broadly issued Facebook advertisements to the whole of Poland, particularly the fans, friends and people, who visited the site before

Regarding Facebook, live reaction type posts turned out to be a great success. Under the first post of this kind users voted on the best ring out of the four rings presented. The second enabled a new category of products to be viewed through various reactions of the website visitors.

Results & evaluation

The strategy implemented in the beginning of 2016 resulted in a significant increase of income and this level being kept up through the whole year. Compared to 2015 the number of transactions grew by 239%.