Since May 2016, we have been implementing comprehensive activities for the J’adore Institute (beauty institute) in Kraków. We have proposed the Customer synergic activities in three areas: SEO, PPC and Content. Their implementation has led to the increase of the conversion coefficient by 315% and to the growth of revenue by 20%. See what else we did and how we managed to do it.

Who is the Customer?

The J’adore Institute is an exclusive beauty institute presented on the market since 2013. Its offer includes a wide range of services in the areas of cosmetology, laser therapy, aesthetic medicine and hairdressing. A variety of procedures are performed by qualified specialists: aesthetic doctors, dentists, dermatologists as well as those holding master’s degrees in cosmetology and dietetics or nail and hair stylists.

Aims of cooperation

  • Increase recognisability on the Web
  • Acquire larger number of customers
  • Increase average value of services
  • Increase revenue
  • Build loyalty among current customers


In this entry, we sum up cooperation from the period from May to September 2016.

SEO activities

As part of optimisation activities for the website, analytical tests were carried out with the aim to collect data on the number of people who went back straight away to the organic search results after they had entered the page/subpage by the website. Thanks to the collected information, we were able to single out the subpages requiring content improvement in order to keep the user on the website and encourage them to go to other subpages.

The SEO services for the J’adore Institute included, inter alia, extension of content on subpages and its saturation with key words so as to increase the organic traffic. In our strategy, we also took into account such key issues as complementation of title tags and meta description tags. A consequence of these activities was a considerable increase of the SEO visibility of the website when searching for a series of additional key phrases.

PPC activities

Traffic by means of the CPC model was obtained by using two channels: Google AdWords system and Facebook Ads. In the case of the former, we focused on directing the traffic to general queries (such as beauty salon) as well as those relating to procedures (e.g. laser hair removal). Campaigns were being optimised on an ongoing basis, mainly in terms of extension of the list of negative key words. In addition, the activities were tailored to the current events, such as holidays, long weekend or the World Youth Day, with the schedule of displaying advertisements adapted to the said events.

Another significant element was geographical separation and the use of adaptation of rates depending on the distance from the salon (e.g. the basic separation was to direct to Kraków at a low rate, whereas the rates were adapted in percentages for users within a two-kilometre radius). In the case of advertisements in a social network, Facebook, our activities concentrated on promotion of posts concerning blog entries. By combining appropriate directing, placement and interesting posts (np. an entry on wedding hairstyles), we achieved a large number of redirections to the website.

Content marketing activities

Understanding high accuracy of the “Content is the king” slogan, we focused on well thought out activities in this regard. On the basis of a precisely determined schedule and action plan, we published valuable blog articles, responding to a variety of questions and customer needs. In parallel, we promoted entries with a link to the blog on Facebook which made it possible to establish relations with numerous potential customers of the salon who were present on the same portal. As a result, we obtained strong involvement on the part of the recipients and also caused the SEO parameters to improve.

The best effect was obtained by an entry addressed to the future brides – Wedding make-up and wedding hairstyle – the best ideas and trends. The blog article was viewed over 6,200 times! More importantly, the bounce rate was very low. Thanks to appropriate targeting of promotion on Facebook, it was less than 16%. The post on Facebook, with a link to the above entry, got almost 80 likes and as many as 14 shares within just a week of the posting.

Customer’s opinion

We entrusted the PromoTraffic agency with the support of SEO activities, AdWords campaigns, Facebook Ads campaigns and conduct of content activities which led to a considerable increase of recognisability, the number of conversions and thus revenue growth by as much as 20%. The efforts of experienced specialists, with whom we have the pleasure to work with, are resulting in the impressive effects in terms of completion of the set objectives. The current optimisation of activities and strong involvement of individual specialists led to better understanding the needs of our Customers.

Agnieszka Jaworska
J’adore Institute