We cooperate with the brand Surge Polonia, which has been for the market for 5 years now, performing a PPC campaign together. In 6 months of work we were able to increase the income from an AdWords campaign by 71% and by 158% from a Facebook Ads campaign. Who is the client?

Surge Polonia is the first patriotic clothing brand in the world, fusing patriotic ideas with the newest trends in design. The clothing brand, associated with high quality and a patriotic message, promotes the idea of modern patriotism and also proves that it can be both interesting and inspiring. Additional attributes of the company are undoubtedly constant growth and introduction of new product variants to the market.

Cooperation goals

– lowering the costs of the AdWords campaign and increasing its effectiveness

– increasing the number of transactions stemming from the AdWords and Facebook Ads campaigns

– increasing the traffic from social media

– using the full potential of sponsored links in search engines

– acquiring more customers

Time period

In this publication we present the effects of our cooperation in the period between May 2016 and October 2016.

AdWords activity

The first step in this area was the creation of a new AdWords campaign structure, thanks to which the brand would be more visible in search engines. This new structure helped us to increase the share in views connected to key words that were already in the account. New words were also added which widened the range of the campaign significantly. Moreover, adequately configured analytical tools allowed for the acquisition of valuable and detailed information about the recipients, which in turn let us direct a more specific and fitting message and encourage them to undertake certain actions on the website www.surgepolonia.pl. The next phase was the re-organization of the campaign in the advertisement network, together with the set-up of advanced remarketing that would reach the most valuable user group of the shop. The Product Listing Ads campaign (Google Shopping) required optimization regarding the product file, as well. Because of a good understanding of the client’s needs in the phase of creating the campaign, as well as after analyzing the data and after the optimization, this channel now constitutes the main source of income.

The AdWords campaign was set towards generating sales while taking the seasonality in all categories into account. Together with the Customer we worked out a strategy and chose the right key words depending on the potential and the state of the warehouses. Realizing the accepted strategy let us, on average, be in the first position in search results with general phrases like: “patriotic shirts”, “patriotic clothes” or “running shirts”.

Facebook activity

The most important promotional activity was on the Facebook platform (sponsored advertisements directed at users liking the Surge Polonia fan page, their friends, those that have already visited the Client’s website, as well as people that could be interested in patriotic products), as well as promoting posts generated in this medium. We have carried out a significant optimization of the advertisement campaign on this social media platform, which first and foremost improved brand awareness and increased the range with Internet users. A well-organized Facebook Ads campaign let us redirect many Facebook users to the Client’s website and encourage them to a purchase.

Additional activity

A correct configuration of extended e-commerce for Google Analytics caused the amount of data needed for analyzing and optimization of the marketing activity to significantly increase, not just in the area of AdWords and Facebook Ads campaigns.

The Client’s opinion:

We entrusted the handling of our Google AdWords and Facebook Ads to the PromoTraffic Agency while setting specific goals for them. The specialists dedicated to PPC campaigns show great knowledge of the market and the actions undertaken by them have caused our sales and number of transactions to increase by 83% compared to the previous months. Their commitment and reliability have often proved that this cooperation was a successful investment. The quality of their service and the understanding of the customers’ needs are things that definitely stand out in the PromoTraffic Agency’s performance.

Dorota Jeżewska
E-commerce and Marketing Department Director
Surge Polonia Sp. z o.o.