We are implementing comprehensive e-marketing activities within the scope of SEO and PPC for the online shop Topsanit.pl, presented on the market since 2013. Within 10 months, our activities have led to revenue growth by as much as 85% from organic search results and by 519% from paid campaigns. Check out how did we manage to do this.

Who is the Customer?

Topsanit.pl is an online shop whose flagship products are elements of kitchen and bathroom furnishings. The company takes more complex orders as well as those from individual customers. 

Aims of cooperation

  • Increase the visibility of the website in paid and unpaid search results
  • Increase the number of customers
  • Increase the average value of the basket and general shop revenue
  • Decrease the costs of AdWords campaigns and increase their effectiveness


In this entry, we sum up cooperation from the period from January to September 2016. 

SEO activities

As part of synergic e-marketing services, we undertook to improve the content marketing layer on the Customer’s website. We expanded the content of the service to a considerable extent in order for the information contained in it to meet various needs and answer various questions of potential customers. Increase the amount of text on the Topsanit.pl website enabled to place a larger number of key words which, in turn, contributed to an increase in website traffic as well as achievement of a high position in the organic search results.

Under the off-site activities, we carried out an analysis of link profile. This allowed us to increase the quality of links leading to the Customer’s website and direct valuable traffic to it. A detailed analysis was a basis for building, and then implementing a customised link building strategy. We also offered the Customer optimisation of the service in terms of the SEO. It consisted in: analysis of the website, taking into account technical improvements (consistent with the guidelines of tools for webmasters), analysis of key words by subject matter and availability of products in the shop as well as expansion of the content on the website along with its saturation with appropriate key words.

Effects of SEO activities

After an audit and implementation of the modifications recommended by us, the website noticed a 100% increase in visibility in the search results,  for both searching for phrases selected to the process of positioning and in the case of the so-called long-tail queries.

From the beginning of the cooperation with the customer, regular growth of visibility of the website in search results has been observed. In September 2016, compared with October 2015, a 100% increase in the amount of key words was observed in the TOP3 and over 300% growth in the TOP10.

Increased visibility of the website contributed to increased organic traffic from search results and involvement of users on the website. There was 150% growth in organic traffic compared with the same period in 2015 when SEO activities had not been carried out. 

Thoughtful SEO procedures also led to increased revenue generated from organic search results. The website saw 85% revenue growth in 2016 compared with the previous year.

PPC activities

In addition to synergic SEO activities, we have been conducting AdWords advertisement campaigns for the Customer since February 2016. At the time, we have reduced the costs of the campaign, significantly improving its results at the same time. Given the fact that competition on the market is very strong, the biggest problem was very low share in the displayed advertisements. Thanks to the right optimisation of the campaign by changing its targeting and excluding key words, we increased the share by 319.41% for product campaigns.

  1. Restricting campaign targeting in order to increase the share in the displayed advertisements. Narrowed down target group allowed more frequent displaying of advertisements which contributed to revenue growth.
  2. Expansion of the database of key words with long-tail words led to decreased costs of the campaign, in particular the CPC rates.
  3. Optimisation of the product file – more frequent displaying of bestselling products in order to increase the conversion of the campaign.

Customer’s opinion

Having intended to improve our visibility on the Web and increase sales of our products, we decided to start cooperation with PromoTraffic agency. Thoughtful steps and great commitment on the part of the agency resulted in considerable growth of efficiency of our online activities. Within 10 months, we managed to increase revenue from the Google search engine by 85%. We are pleased with the cooperation and we also hope that it will bring even more benefits.

Paweł Mochol