We have been cooperating with EMC Instytut Medyczny (Medical Institute) SA, which is the largest owner of hospitals and outpatient clinics on the market of private medical services in Poland, since June 2016. Thanks to our activities, we managed to recover 80% of traffic on the emc-sa.pl website which was lost as a result of unprofitable changes on the website itself.

Who is the Customer?

EMC Instytut Medyczny SA has been presented on the market of medical services since 16 years. The company has grown to a very large size from one hospital in Wrocław. Currently, it is a group of hospitals and outpatient clinics listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange which provides the health care for residents of the following provinces: Dolnośląskie, Opolskie, Zachodniopomorskie, Pomorskie, Śląskie and Mazowieckie.
In this entry, we sum up cooperation from the period from June to November 2016.
Aims of cooperation
The EMC company, changed the structure and graphical version of the emc-sa.pl website, before it had entrusted us with carried out activities. These modifications negatively affected the visibility of the website which translated into significantly lower organic traffic.

That is why, at the time of starting the cooperation, we undertook activities aimed at:
– recovery of traffic which the website had lost,
– increase of trust and popularisation of the website in search results,
– increase of traffic on the website.

Undertaken activities
In order to implement the previously set aims, we carried out the following activities:
1. SEO audit, i.e. a detailed analysis of the website in terms of the Google search engine guidelines, with particular emphasis on the content development on the website.
2. Creation of a redirection matrix from non-existent addresses to similar webpages within the website. Redirections are made in order to recover the lost traffic on the website.
3. Monthly themed publications on independent blogs, portals as well as in themed and general information services.
4. Analysis of the existing profile of links.
5. The creation of a disavow file designed to delete incoming links to the website and, consequently, ensure the protection of the website against negative influence of spam links.
6. A detailed analysis of competition’s links in order to use valuable links in the process of positioning.
7. The acquisition of links from other valuable and theme-related websites, inter alia, by contacting partners, social networks, themed bogs, creating themed supporting microblogs, etc.
Effects of activities
The accomplished activities results in recovered the lost traffic on the website.

The difference in traffic, since the time of starting cooperation was 37.63%. Our activities brought down this difference to 9.30%. The change amount almost 80% of traffic which we managed to recover. Additionally, the website continues to gain more visibility in search results.

The website is still in the process of implementation of comments, which we have made during the SEO Audit, and content expansion.