The PromoTraffic Agency will be present at 14 of the most prestigious global events for the showcasing of new technology, start-ups and marketing. Over the next 2 years, PromoTraffic will be participating in events across the United States to Spain, Germany and Israel. The first ones  are already behind us! Check out our accounts of these events!

For two weeks in March we had the opportunity to participate as exhibitors at the SXSW in Austin and at the CeBIT in Hanover. It was an intensive and very successful start to the internationalization project we have just embarked upon.

What exactly is SXSW?


SXSW has been held in Austin, Texas since 1987, designed to support creative people in achieving their goals. This event is dedicated to professionals from all over the world. There are sessions, shows, screenings and exhibitions. SXSW also offers extensive networking opportunities. Exhibitors include Samsung, Pandora, Adobe Systems, Accenture, Discovery Communications and eBay.

SXSW fairs have received  great support each year. During last year’s edition, Forbes Magazine commented: SXSW is considered to be the biggest and most diverse event focusing on the intersection of people and technology. The New York Times, on the other hand referred to it as follows: SXSW has positioned itself as a gateway for international acts.

CeBIT – what is it?


The 31st edition of the International Information and Communication Technology event can be briefly summarized as follows: Over 200,000 visitors and 3,000 exhibitors such as Cisco Systems, Capgemini, Samsung Electronics and Volkswagen.

First organised in 1986, CeBIT has been  held annually in mid-March. The events are always very popular due to the presentation of the best technologies and many prototype solutions from IT, automotive, sales support, marketing, healthcare, etc. Of course, the fair also has great networking opportunities and impressive stands, some over 100m² in size.

CeBIT is a professional combination of fairs, lectures and conferences, run by the best ICT specialists. The latest market trends are presented in the areas of widely understood new technologies. As a company that is growing at an extremely fast pace and is interested in investing in new technologies, we could not miss it!

Why are we at SXSW and CeBIT?


Trade shows in Austin and Hanover are part of a key internationalization project for our agency. Its goal is to build strong relationships with foreign partners in the form of technology companies and other agencies providing solutions for e-commerce and increasing traffic, sales and business effects on the Internet. It will also help in acquiring foreign customers and will allow exchange of valuable „know-how” with specialists in various industries from around the world.

The fairs open up great prospects for us! We have managed to have many valuable conversations and have relationships with over a dozen companies providing e-commerce sales support solutions that use vr / ar in marketing or providing similar services to us worldwide. This is just the beginning of major changes for us and for our customers, as the experience and know-how gained through internationalization will allow them to implement even more effective solutions in their businesses and we will be able to build a strong brand beyond our borders – PromoTraffic CEO Robert Stolarczyk comments.


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